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MIDI Optimizer F/RD M/S EP: 1/2" air preparation unit, filter/regulator+lubricator

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The MIDI Optimizer is suitable for more than 90% of the Atlas Copco tool range and is the best choice for assembly tools, percussive tools, drills, nibblers and grinders up to Turbo. The MIDI Optimizer has a ½” connection thread, and the housing and bowl are made of polymer. The bowl has a highly chemical resistant polypropylene insert and the bowl is directly screwed to the housing for easy handling. All separate units, mounting brackets, assembly kits and pressure gauges need to be ordered separately. The MIDI Optimizer F/RD and FRD unit are delivered complete with mounting bracket, assembly kit and pressure gauge. Atlas Copco filters are equipped with a cyclone system. Using centrifugal force, this separates out a high percentage of the heavier solid water particles, while the filter ensures that the amount of dirt entering your tool is kept to a minimum. This means longer working cycles for the tools and minimum service time. Atlas Copco regulators ensure optimal flow at the specific flow rates required by Atlas Copco tools, or any other pneumatic tools. The regulator will optimize the performance of your tool, ensure torque accuracy and boost productivity. The Optimizer nano-lubricator adjusts automatically to the flow demand and ensures that the right amount of oil is supplied to the motor at all flow rates. This minimizes the lubrication needed. The nano oil mist, with particle size of 200 nm, can be transported by the air stream up to 40 m before the oil particles fall out of the stream. This means there is no oil in the hose and direct lubrication is not necessary.

Egenskaper og fordeler

  • 55 l/s max. air flow for combined units
  • Low pressure drop
  • Self-adjusting nano mist lubricator for correct amount of lubrication
  • Possible to refill the lubricator when in use and pressurized
  • The filter reduces water and dirt in the pneumatic components
  • The lubricator prolongs the life of a vane motor up to three times
  • Working temperature -40°C to +60°C at 10 bar
  • Working temperature for filters +2°C to +60°C at 10 bar
  • 0-16 bar inlet pressure capacity
  • 0.5-8 bar outlet pressure capacity
  • Standard filter 30 µm to reduce dirt in the components
  • EP For pulse tools, lubricator adjusted for impulsing tools